IAPT (Improving access to psychological therapies)

Each area will have an IAPT service or similar.  To get details of local services simply google ‘area name’ followed by IAPT. Such services are usually accessed via self referral or GP referral.

Self Help Online Resource bank

Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust offer free self help resources for various mental health related difficulties including depression and low mood, sleeping problems and stress.

Cruise bereavement Services

National Charity providing bereavement support via helplines, online information and face to face services.

Andy’s Man Club

An organisation supporting male mental health using informal meet ups.


Tea and Empathy

An online forum community of health practitioners who provide support.

BMA Counselling and advice service

24 hour a day confidential help line run by counsellors. Offers up to 6 structured telephone or video counselling sessions.

BMA Doctors advise service

Telephone access to speak to a doctor about distress or difficulty. You will be given details and availability of a doctor to telephone. They do not do crisis response or offer diagnosis or treatment.


A not for profit service offering psychotherapeutic intervention to doctors across the UK. The service is based in London, but after an initial consultation, appointments can be carried out via Skype or Facetime. They offer up to six sessions of 1 to 1 support by a consultant psychiatrist. The service is costed based on grade. At the time of writing a consultation for a trainee of any grade is free with follow up sessions costing £50 each. At the time of writing a consultation for a GP or consultant is £50 with follow up sessions costing £90 each.

Doctors Support Network

A charity run by volunteers which provides a peer support network for doctors and medical students with mental health problems including stress, burnout, anxiety, depression, psychosis and eating disorder. Free service which relies on donations.

They have an online forum, events and online articles available.

Disabled Doctors Network

Information and resources for doctors with chronic health conditions, ill health or disability.


A website for doctors with disability or chronic health conditions.

Medical Forum

A website with a focus on medical career planning which also covers burnout and exercises to consider our work life balance.

GP Health Service

Confidential service for GPs or GP trainees which provides mental health support, including stress, depression and addiction. Does not provide secondary care level mental health support. Accessed via email or telephone.

NHS Practitioner Health Programme

A service for doctors and dentists with physical or mental health problems. Accessed via telephone. However, this is a London based service which requires payment for out of London doctors or trainees.

The Louise Tebboth Foundation

A website which aims to support doctor well-being and families of doctors who are bereaved due to death by suicide.


Alcoholics Anonymous

A free support service for those suffering with alcohol misuse.

British Doctors and Dentists Group

A free support service for doctors and dentists with addiction, and their families.

Cocaine Anonymous

A free support service for those struggling with cocaine use.

International Doctors in Alcoholics Anonymous

A free support service for doctors with alcohol addiction, and their families.

Medical Council on Alcohol

An independent charity of health professionals from all medical specialties dedicated to improving the understanding and management of alcohol-related health harm.

Sick Doctors Trust

A service for doctors with alcohol or drug addiction which is accessed via helpline.


Royal College of Psychiatry

The Psychiatric Support Service is a free service for psychiatrists of all grade accessed via telephone in office hours.

Royal College of Physicians

A free mentor service is available for all members of the Royal College of Physicians

Royal College of Surgeons

A surgeon to surgeon helpline acts as a free point of contact with another surgical colleague who can provide advice or signposting.

Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Guidance is available relating to working during pregnancy and undermining and bullying in the workplace. This is relevant to all trainees.

Royal College of General Practitioners

An e-learning resource produced by the Royal college of GP for all healthcare professionals  covers stress, alcohol, nutrition, exercise and substance misuse.



BMA charities

Two funds for supporting medical professionals in financial difficulty.

Help me, I’m a doctor!

Financial support for doctors

Royal Medical Benevolent fund

Has a health and well-being area on the website which includes information on careers, finances, practical help (i.e. moving home), education and health.

Royal Medical Foundation

Support for doctors and their dependants.

The Cameron Fund

A financial support fund specifically for GPs and their families.


Health Careers

Information about the range of careers available in healthcare.

Medical Forum

An independent career support service for doctors and dentists.