What We Do

WB Wellbeing provide education focused on personal and professional wellbeing which is delivered by doctors. Using interactive workshops we offer a safe space to explore wellbeing. Those attending workshops will have space and time to hear about the experiences of the facilitators, and to share their own. A variety of exercises are used to provide opportunities to reflect, offer top tips and explore practical skills for wellbeing. Participant feedback regularly highlights the value of hearing personal stories and these are used as the background to a rich learning experience exploring the workplace, self care and wellbeing.


Our Story

Wylam Billington (WB) Wellbeing is a collaborative project created by Dr Jaimee Wylam and Dr Martin Billington. Jaimee and Martin begun working together when they discovered a shared passion to improve the wellbeing of health care workers in 2017. From their base in South Yorkshire, they have worked across the Yorkshire and Humber region to be involved in education for doctors, advanced clinical practitioners, medical students, physician associate students and a variety of health professionals.


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